TAURUS – our Truck – Customised for Outdoors!

Taurus Pushkar HP_IMG_20141102_075937Our Truck, which is lovingly being called Taurus, is one of a kind in India, designed by our own team leader Capt Suresh Sharma and Dr Rajbir Kaur Sharma (wife),  they have vast experience of caravaning themselves in India. And being a photographer himself Captain understands the needs of outdoor photographers and travellers. Taurus has very comfortable seating capacity of 8 participants. Also, it has sleeping arrangements (for 12), well equipped kitchen and a loo. Not to forget, there is enough storage space. 

Design Team – Capt Suresh & Dr Rajbir kaur

Imagine travelling on a self-contained vehicle like this and while travelling capturing every opportunity of `roadside photography’ and then reaching a location to spend a night and shoot at dusk and dawn, no rush and no loss of time while getting back to your hotel for night stay;experience the outdoors like never before. There can not be a better option for photographers than this. You save your precious time of scouting around, as we take you to the right places, most of which have been treaded by our experienced photographers before your arrival on the itinerary. There will be special itineraries, with focus on special events (cultural fairs and festivals) as well. We will take you to places where you would have not even thought of venturing, for want of logistical support.

Our strength is FREEDOM & FLEXIBILITY …  we are sure, some of you can visualise the unique experience, which Green Dot Expeditions is going to offer, while reading information here.

We can assure you that there can not be a better way to explore, enjoy and photograph India than ours.

Taurus shall have the following features and facilities :

WE SHALL OFFER  FIVE STAR to those who understand what is an outdoor night out …

  • 8 push-back, forward facing comfortable seats, to ensure everyone gets adequate attention and travels comfortably.
  • Comfortable arrangements to sleep for all guests, with mattress under the on-board roof-top-tent canopies, for single and double occupancy, ready to deploy in 10 seconds. We have the best sleeping arrangements for outdoor activities. You shall get hotwater bottles to keep in your sleeping bags at night.
  • We will have separate dome-tents for those who seek total privacy on such tours.
  • Comfortable  camp chairs for outdoor seating.
  • Fly proof shelter for outside dining.
  • Stainless Steel Kitchen onboard The BeastA well equipped kitchen to provide you good food for all three meals and tea/coffee, best  within the constraints of `outdoor  camping on the move’.
  • Fire fighting equipment.
  • Approx 800 ltrs of water tank made of foodgrade 304 stainless steel.
  • A toilet on-board to be used by ladies while travelling or in extreme weather for everyone. Two outdoor tented toilets to be used when camping.
  • Lockers for valuables and adequate space for baggage overhead the seats, for every participant. Everyone shall get two lockers onboard The Beast.
  • Charging stations providing 220 Volts AC to charge batteries of your equipment i.e. camera, cellphone, laptop, etc.
  • 12 V DC charging sockets.
  • An LED/LCD monitor or a projector to have slideshows and talks .
  • We shall offer on some tours, our outdoor studio set up equipped with Elinchrom Quadra Ranger strobes and background system and accessories, a set up to experience the outdoor shoots with artificial lights. Imagine, shooting a Kalbelia dancer at sand-dunes at sunset or camel trader with his family cooking food and camels in frame, and many more …
  • Library – books to learn photography and some coffee table books for visual treat, to read while relaxing.

The exhilarating experience you shall get with us is far taller than our tariff plan. And theConcept and Experience is unmatched …


WE SHALL GO EXTRA MILE for everything we do to ensure you have a life time experience on our invigorating tours …